Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Losin' sleep over nothin'.

We've all got heads on our shoulders. Yeah, we've all got a chance to do it right. But, we're all so busy drinking .. yeah-- we've gotten so twisted tonight. So now that you're all backwards, and I see the world sideways, how will we ever find a solution? And just when we begin to think all hope is lost, the one who makes all the decisions, he's got a clue. That man, that one in the black suit.- yeah he has all the answers. Wake-up! We find ourselves in a line marching down the streets, each with our twisted heads, and our frontward facing feet. We march up and down, around and around, we do as they tell us, and we get along great. Until someone gets a memory- a flash, of things when we had it straight, when our heads were on just like our feet, when we had our own opinions, our own ghosts to beat. But, now, now it's too late- they've got other places for us to be, other problems to solve. They've got us upside down, and we're nothing more then the feet marching on his street.

-July 4th, 2007.

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