Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So, time for us to run!

We spend our whole lives driving, each day going somewhere else. We've been driving through these provinces, and states, and cities, and towns. Cars going this way and that, each polluting the air with their negative gas. But in reality we are all dying to go to the same place. The same state of mind. Somewhere we've been before, but after leaving we've missed placed our map, we've lost the roads that lead us back. So we're left driving around looking for them once again. A wrong turn here, forgot to stop there, and we're completely lost. Passing through the province of misery, the state of content, the ville of anger, passing by the salty river eyes, and the dry desert stares. I've been asking each person I see, but no one seems to really know, no one can help me. "Hey sir, do you know how to get back to happiness from here?" It seems every stranger I meet has a different answer. "Well sure, just follow dollar road!" "Oh of course, just take a left onto passion, and your second right on lust- that'll get you there in no time!" But each time I follow these paths, the desperate answers of those who think they know it all, I never end up there at all. Just a dead end road, and when I look at the street sign, it reads Life.

-August 5th, 2007.

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