Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hide and regret.

Discovering discoveries amongst the greatest of places. After searching and searching, I've finally come to an end. This path leads me nowhere, these trees, and shrubs, they just never end-- they are nothing but a constant reminder of what with you, I will never accomplish. Like an endless maze, I've done my time, I've surely paid for my crime, so is it enough yet? Or must I continue to die for you? I've brought you gold, I've brought you diamonds, I've brought you the rarest of flowers. But yet I've never felt a less ungrateful kiss, I've never tasted a more sour tongue, I've never touched sharper teeth. So will this be the last time you cut my tongue? Watch the eternal river inside of me, flow out, as you wash your feet in it's rapids, and I can't find the words to say. In a few short hours, this will be nothing but a memory. Oh, please let this be nothing more then a memory. I'm losing you just like I lost you, and I can't bothered to look for another second. Not under the bed, not behind that dusty shelf full of books. No, no, no...

-June 11th, 2007.

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