Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Outside my window..

Intoxicated from the marks natures warmth left on your skin, I'm wasted on time I'd only want to waste with you. My head spins, and your eyes scream for my feet to stay put, to stay locked in yours. Unconscious, I fall back in, head underwater, and I never thought I'd be here again. Yet this time, 12:36, it's not the same- I'm not drowning for false idols, but a heart of gold, and the occasional hair stuck to my tongue..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Barf bag melt down..

You'd think I live for this tragedy. Stuck in this mess of a world inside my head, I've drove myself crazy slipping away from everyone I love. It's never enough until I've lost my head, and we both know how far that'll get. Selfishly-selfless- I've lost the plot again. And it's not okay, until you say it is.. I'm not alive, until you say I am.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My love, you're a ghost..

Inside my head I'm glued to the seat, and I'm watching, waiting, staring at my dirty feet. I thought I felt your body, but you're just looking at me. My ghost has been here all along, it spills over you as you creep. And you'll find your hearts gone missing, as I'm miles away, wrapped in nothing but your sheets. A fool to think you'll keep me forever. But, for now, it's where I want to be- where I sit and fill my head with dreams of the goosebumps your body used to keep. It will never be enough to keep us sane, and you'll never really sleep..

Monday, June 1, 2009

Boggle, anyone?

And I wonder what it feels like to hit rock bottom, like you- you know, to really stoop that low. The whole world is your oyster, and you've never had a bigger craving for sea food. Munching, and shitting, and biting anything that comes your way. Tossing the shells to the side, in case you need something to lean on when you're desperately obnoxious life comes to a sudden halt. I would shower you in pity, if there was no fear of popping the constantly growing ego placed directly between your ever so vivid shoulder blades. Carry on as you will, just don't forget.. you'll always be the most pathetic person in the room. xo.