Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kissin' birds with paper cuts..

Start talkin' to myself, 'cos you aren't 'round, and I'm talkin' to the moon, 'cos sometimes you just need sound. I ain't never been in love, but I sure am waitin'. Set my house on fire, 'cos I'd rather sit with you in the rain..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For you, I could never

You've been haunting me for years. Oh, get out of my skin. These chills have found a new home on my spine, playing games, running through my every vien. You were driving me mad, as I drove myself crazy for the taste of someone elses touch. I've got my fingers twisted, hoping one day you'll regret. But, let's face it, the weak never change.

-February 11th, 2009.

Baby britain

I had had it all figured out, the perfect escape. Sneak past mom while she's attending to the washing, dip through the gate, fast fast quick quick. Then down the cobble stonehill with Adi-din to the shops, and all on my new bike. Finally one of them ones without the two wheels attached at the back. Dad says it's proper grown up. Adi-din hasn't got his yet. Adi-din, my mate next door. Real name Adrian. Good chap. We pass our cars through the fence on days where we are lookin' for a trade..

-July 9th, 2008.

The bum bum.

Sittin' across from me, a man with a beard down to his chest, dirty bugs crawlin' all 'round him, fat as a fart, a homeless father christmas to those without eyes. But, it's more than the exterior, he's got more than his stench and his moth bitten clothes. I saw him last week, and he was cleaner than snow. A hair cut, change in wardrobe, now a man with character, a family, and hopes. Funny how things change with your eyes closed.

-July 9th, 2008.

Some sort of vegan bullshit..

We've been sitting in garbage. Trash piled up to our knees. We've done this delicately. Each piece gently placed in it's right position. We thought we were winning, conquering this world, one idea at a time. But, lately things have been changing. There's been a shift in ideas. A colony we once claimed as ours is coming back to fight. Giants, 1000 meters tall, armed with guns. Spies come from every corner, switching back and forth, with a whipping push. Soldiers climb from under ground, and trip up your feet. The great navy come at you, drowning your homes. We won't win this war. Not this time. Our flags will be lifted, and everything we created will be vanished. Nature wins this war. Nature wins all.

-September 28th, 2008.

Sights on a bus.

I couldn't help but feel as though I was in my own world as I sat there, complete with a blank stare and tightened mouth. I didn't understand the words he was screaming. But, the more they came out, the more they turned into mush. In my mind they were just jumbled up letters. And as he went further and further with his manipulating statement, the mixed letters from his own mouth flowed into not my ears, but my mouth, and the louder he got, the more I choked. He was an octopus strangling my neck, and I was just too indifferent to move.

-September 3rd, 2008.

Losin' sleep over nothin'.

We've all got heads on our shoulders. Yeah, we've all got a chance to do it right. But, we're all so busy drinking .. yeah-- we've gotten so twisted tonight. So now that you're all backwards, and I see the world sideways, how will we ever find a solution? And just when we begin to think all hope is lost, the one who makes all the decisions, he's got a clue. That man, that one in the black suit.- yeah he has all the answers. Wake-up! We find ourselves in a line marching down the streets, each with our twisted heads, and our frontward facing feet. We march up and down, around and around, we do as they tell us, and we get along great. Until someone gets a memory- a flash, of things when we had it straight, when our heads were on just like our feet, when we had our own opinions, our own ghosts to beat. But, now, now it's too late- they've got other places for us to be, other problems to solve. They've got us upside down, and we're nothing more then the feet marching on his street.

-July 4th, 2007.

Goodnight morning.

Up and down, and down they fall-- the restless cells belonging to the skin on my hands are taking a leave of absence and slowly melting onto yours, leaving me with the feeling of being intertwined. I've been watching as the thoughts are floatin' from your head. They twist and turn with mine- filling our mouths with invitations to stay the night. They go this way and that, crossing each others paths here and there, as if we really are alive. Oh, I've been dying to taste your morning breath, to see you without sight..

July 22nd, 2007.

Hide and regret.

Discovering discoveries amongst the greatest of places. After searching and searching, I've finally come to an end. This path leads me nowhere, these trees, and shrubs, they just never end-- they are nothing but a constant reminder of what with you, I will never accomplish. Like an endless maze, I've done my time, I've surely paid for my crime, so is it enough yet? Or must I continue to die for you? I've brought you gold, I've brought you diamonds, I've brought you the rarest of flowers. But yet I've never felt a less ungrateful kiss, I've never tasted a more sour tongue, I've never touched sharper teeth. So will this be the last time you cut my tongue? Watch the eternal river inside of me, flow out, as you wash your feet in it's rapids, and I can't find the words to say. In a few short hours, this will be nothing but a memory. Oh, please let this be nothing more then a memory. I'm losing you just like I lost you, and I can't bothered to look for another second. Not under the bed, not behind that dusty shelf full of books. No, no, no...

-June 11th, 2007.

Cough, cough.

Stumbling for the right words to say, as the letters trickle down your chin. ,How you wish for once, just this once they would come out in the right order-- they would make some god damn sense. But once again, you find yourself at a loss, a face with nothing but a blank stare. You sit and wait as the only letters you need to get out have all found a place to stay at the tip of your tongue. Just as you find yourself choking on the words you can't speak. You long to get them out, but they stick--and you sit there drowning in the letters you desperately need.

June 12th, 2007.

Poker face.

Last time we played this game I lost. Oh, how I ever did lose, I had everything betting on it too. My brains, my guts, my toes, my fingers. Yep, I had all my money on this one, every single cent. But I lost. You were so giddy, went on without a care. Carrying my brains, my guts, my toes, and my fingers with you when you left. Oh why did you leave? But now, now you want to play again. I refuse to lose again. As I sit here an empty body missing my brain, fingers, guts, and toes. The bet grows further and further every conversation, every time your box pops in and out of my life.. and I'm not bothered on a tie, yeah.. I would probably do much better with one...

-May 14th, 2007

So, time for us to run!

We spend our whole lives driving, each day going somewhere else. We've been driving through these provinces, and states, and cities, and towns. Cars going this way and that, each polluting the air with their negative gas. But in reality we are all dying to go to the same place. The same state of mind. Somewhere we've been before, but after leaving we've missed placed our map, we've lost the roads that lead us back. So we're left driving around looking for them once again. A wrong turn here, forgot to stop there, and we're completely lost. Passing through the province of misery, the state of content, the ville of anger, passing by the salty river eyes, and the dry desert stares. I've been asking each person I see, but no one seems to really know, no one can help me. "Hey sir, do you know how to get back to happiness from here?" It seems every stranger I meet has a different answer. "Well sure, just follow dollar road!" "Oh of course, just take a left onto passion, and your second right on lust- that'll get you there in no time!" But each time I follow these paths, the desperate answers of those who think they know it all, I never end up there at all. Just a dead end road, and when I look at the street sign, it reads Life.

-August 5th, 2007.


This in all is everything I need to keep me calm, keep me satisfied. My only way of communication. My very thoughts and ideas, the only way they escape. Down through my veins, and out through the tips of my fingers. The short, narrow limbs sticking out from each arm, attached to a torso that keeps my guts and blood in tact. Sometimes I wished they were longer though, y'know, my fingers. Maybe more would pour our, maybe someone could actually hear me. If my words could be heard through longer fingers, would I need a mouth? Could I be just another side show, drawing attention to my differences. Well, it would be better then this, this hole in my face, which is so unfullfilling in it's purpose. So desperate to communicate, I'll get the surgery done.

-May 4th, 2007.


I heard they are going on sale. Oh yeah, not just one, it's the whole ' Buy one, get the second, third, fourth, and fifth for free' kind of deal. People are swarming in the stores like crazy. I want this one. "OH OH OH! That one was mine, I saw it first".. "Does this one look good on me?"- "Hmm, I'm not sure I like the colour on your skin tone.. but maybe just incase? .. I mean.. what's the harm right?". I love you, I hate you, you're my best friend, I am sorry.. what's your name again? Where have you been? Oh, I forgot you were ever here! But stop, you gotta stop, man. What has gotten into your heads? Your brains must have been melted by the sun, real or fake. Or did you get a shock while spilling your true guts into you're true life, plugged into the wall? Yes! That must be it. "So get to the doctors, oh how clever, get your reality checked out before you get too sick. Gosh, I never want to see you ill" Oh no, oh no, ooooooooooooooh no! It's too late, it's already in the news, it's gotta be true.

-Febuary 25th, 2007.